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March 05, 2021

Massive Tamil P2P Rally

Category: Politics Author: Thiagu
A Turning Point In The Mass Struggle Of The Tamil Eelam People For Remedial Justice "Walk for Justice for Tamils" took place from Pothuvil to Polikandy (P2P) in Sri Lanka from February 3rd to February 7th 2021. Tens of thousands of Tamils… Read more...


History Jeejay
wooden charkha
I observe that the words I said in dispraise of khadi has roused discussion. I doubt whether there has been clear and close argument: there has been anger and warmth of feeling, a suggestion almost…

Why Communal G.O.?

Rebel Periyar E.V.R.
periyar 327
Dear President, respectable ladies and my dear comrades! You are all aware of the clandestine conjectures and efforts taken by a section of the people to scrap the Communal G.O. (Government Order). I…