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“One who worships anything; one who does not worship anything; one godman; multi godman; Smarta, who says himself a god; atheist who says that God does not exist; the one, who believes in the illusory nature, who says that there is no heaven, no sin and no virtue; Lingayat, who says that male organs and female organs are only gods; one who has any believes and principles regarding religion (one who says himself as not a Christ as well Muslim); everyone is Hindu.

It is because of the existence of such a term 'Hindu' that there is religious strife in the country, otherwise, there is no chance for religious strife in this country, India. Therefore, the Dravidian people who called as Hindus, - on concerning about interest of this country, the freedom of the country and the self-respect of the people, - on concerning about the disgrace which is imposed on most of the people only by their birth, must be abolished, - work to be done first is - to explain the distortion version of Hinduism and make it clear to the people and to make them get out of that prison.”- Periyar in 'Kudiyarasu - 15.02.1947'

ambedkar and periyarPeriyar had made it his aim to expel the majority of the Dravidian people of India from Hindu prison, even at a time when the citizens of India were said to be in a state of mind for extreme freedom struggle. Three-quarters of a century after the country's independence, the need to fulfil his goal has increased nowadays. Because the harms of Hinduization are more dangerous than the harms of globalization. The Hindutva Action programmes have been made to serious implementation for the past seven years of BJP reign. 

The Citizenship Amendment Act, the removal of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status, denying education through schemes like New Education Policy, NEET Examination, Reservation on economic grounds that completely distorts the philosophy of social justice, these are all the long term plans of R.S.S which are formulated based on Manu Dharma. Instead of formulating concrete strategies to defeat this great danger, criticising the babbles of the Sangh Parivar, fearing people like fascism will soon kill all of us, will have only negative consequences. There will be no use in making attempts other than finding out exactly the base root of Brahmanism which is hiding in the name of Hindutva. 

The Brahmins, ruling class by birth, have retained their dominance over 3000 years with the help of Hinduism. How can the domination built on it be politically destroyed without distorting this religious concept, which is the root cause of the domination of the ruling class?

Dr Ambedkar explains the class by which this country has been ruled for centuries:

“All societies are politically divided into the ruling class and the ruled class. If this harm had stopped there, it would not have had much impact. But the worst-case scenario is that this section is set up in an unmodified and hierarchical manner. The result is that the rulers always come from this ruling class. There is no chance for the ruled class to become the ruling class.”

“People don't rule themselves. After they create a state — forgetting that it is their state — they allow themselves to be ruled by others. It is not only because of this situation that parliamentary democracy has never been a state ruled by the people or for the people; That is why it has never been a government for the people.

Even though this Government has the aspect of people's government, it is in fact, a government of the traditional ruling class which is ruled by them."

Dr Ambedkar's speech at the Trade Union Conference in Delhi, 8 – 17 September 1943 (Dr Ambedkar English Volume 10; p. 241).

In a religion created by the Brahmins for their domination – where, the majority of the people of this country – are slave classes, how can we win against the dictatorship of the state, which is said to have been created to protect their interests without questioning that religion?

The National, Communist, State, Dalit and Dravidian parties, except Congress & BJP can get power in that instant of time and not defeat the dominance of the ruling class, which is so prevalent in the judiciary, administration, research and media.

Brahmin terrorism, which is called Hindutva terrorism, can only be overcome by social and cultural activities of Hindu opposition based on Ambedkar-Periyar ideas!

The root strength of Hindutva is Hinduism. Here injustices are done to the majority of the people of this country through a caste-based social system based on Hindu spiritual fascism (Brahmanism) every second. That is why Dr Ambedkar warned that 'the Hindu Kingdom must be prevented without fail’. It is based on caste social discrimination that public resources and material resources are still distributed here. Unless these social discriminations are corrected, there is no possibility of social justice and economic balance of the majority of the population here. The struggle for justice, which does not annihilate social discrimination, is not a struggle. Caste and Hinduism are not different. They live together; It will defeat together. Therefore, the majority of the people of this country, the Untouchables and Shudras, will never be able to annihilate untouchability and shudra degradation when they are Hindus.

That is why Periyar clearly states:

“The shudra title is not going to be abolished only by saying Dravidian. In this situation, even if one says 'I am not a Hindu', the shudra title will not be abolished. Hinduism cannot die easily. It is not a religion that dies as easily as a chameleon. Our life and our grandsons' lives are not enough to kill it. Therefore, it is only possible for us to give up this (Hinduism) in our life".

The primary need before us today is to formulate a plan of action to abolish Hinduism, which is responsible for keeping the Untouchables who have been thrown out of town and the Shudras who have been enslaved within the town as enemies in opposite poles.

Raising awareness that we are not Hindus can only end Brahmanical terrorism.

Standing at opposite poles, presenting everyones’ history and justice, will lead only fall as prey to the Brahmanical conspiracy, which sharpens these contradictions.

The political unity of the Sudras and Dalits in the legislative departments and parliaments have not been evolved into a social one even after 70 years. Ambedkarism - Periyarism is the name of the liberation programme that makes this possible. What does it mean to annihilate caste? How is that practically possible? It is a concept that is imposed on our thinking. However, Hinduism, which has implanted that abstract ideology has a form. The annihilation of caste means the complete annihilation of Hindu identities. It was the only reason why Periyar extremely opposed all Hindu identities, symbols, signs, gods, Vedic, epics and Puranas until the end. That is the essence and agenda of Ambedkar's Blueprint for the abolition of the caste called the 'Way to Annihilate Caste'.

Who are the primary enemies of Hindutva (Brahmanism)? Even if Hindutva hates other religions, especially Muslims; Although the law interprets 'non-Muslims, non-Christians and non-Parsis as Hindus', Hindutva’s primary enemies are neither foreign religions nor 'strangers' of Hindu religion. The Brahmins have remained close to those who all invaded India. Moreover, history records that they also played a major role in governance. The religious minorities of this country have been portrayed as enemies only over the past few centuries. But it must be understood who Brahmanism regards as true enemies for more than three thousand years till this moment. It has been only 1,400 years since Islam originated; It has been only 2,000 years since Christianity emerged. But it is less than 300 to 500 years since these religions spread in India. 3,000 years ago, when the so-called Hindu religion of today is said to have originated - with neither Muslims nor Christians here at all - did Brahmanism insist on hatred on whom?

Undoubtedly, it was the Untouchables and Shudras who are said to belong to their religion that insisted on the disgrace and hatred. Hindutva was against them (Untouchables and Shudras) that they were slandered as foot-born and also insulting their births. These slanders were recorded in the Vedas, epics and Smritis, and they made it an irreversible divine philosophy. Up to this day, the 25 crore numbers of Dalits of this country who have been thrown out of town are not of other religions from a foreign country; The 50 crore backward people who are known as Shudras (people of prostitutes) are not foreign nationals from foreign religion. The two servile classes who are the majority of the population of this country are aboriginal people.

The Hindutva did not show indifference to the invaders or foreign religions from outside this country; In fact, they have no hatred for them. However, until this moment, they still hate the aboriginal people of this country who have embraced foreign religions. They were the reason for the spreading of Buddhism abroad after all-destroying Buddhism which is originated in this country, India. Moreover, they have kept 25 crore people (who have embraced Buddhism), out of town until today in the name of caste, not Christians or Muslims who embrace foreign religions. 

Moreover, they have no hatred for brahmins who embrace these two foreign religions or against foreign religioners living in Arab and European countries. They were not ashamed to settle in those foreign countries or to build Hindu temples there and spread their religion.

However, they are desperate to fight against the Pakistani Muslims, only because, they are former aboriginal people of this country.

Hindutva is afraid of our only one agenda. They will only get nervous when the majority of the people of this country, who are wrongly called Hindus, will leave this religion. That is why they stage a drama that combines religion with politics and nationalism by giving certain rights periodically and portraying other religions as enemies. This means that they are never ready to lose their congenital slaves. The majority of Hindus who are not Brahmins ‘cannot be double-born folks’ until; they cannot go up in the caste hierarchy; they cannot become a Priest; Even if they become priest, their Shudra degradation would not change; they are not allowed to wear ‘the sacred thread’; If they want to become a saint, there will be no right; Women are unfit to any right. To this day, it is birth that determines their religious status; Not talent!

What political rights have these majority of people got for seventy years? Even after a century of the struggle for social justice (the beginning of Sahu Maharaj), only 27 per cent reservation was granted to 50 per cent of the backward classes in central government posts after 40 years of independence. But thirty years after that, they made sure that not even 10 per cent of it was implemented. Another half-century will pass in fighting for the full execution of this 27 per cent. Reservation on economic grounds is given to the Brahmins only to end the representative principle of reservation. It is not necessary to explain separately how poorly reservation for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes is being implemented.

Struggles for representation have been going on for three-quarters of a century in government posts (which is just 2% of the population), not in the private sector, the media, higher education, the field of scientific research, the judiciary, or the military. It must therefore be understood that the majority of the population has been placed under the demand for rights (Demanding Society) even after a century of the struggle for social justice. People cannot enjoy any of the rights granted by the law until their birth determines everyone's caste. When all the rights of this country are birthright only for the Brahmins and animals that have five senses; Why is it not available to the aboriginal people of this country, who constitute the majority of the population, even though it has fought up to this day? 

Only when we try to answer this, we can understand the three dimensions of spiritual fascism and formulate a plan of action to defeat it.

The abolition of congenital degradation is not possible as long as we are within Hinduism (Hindu religion). It is possible only when you leave it. This is also the reason why Periyar actively supports Islam and Buddhism. This can be the basic lesson for anyone who advances the abolition of caste.

Finally, "If Periyar's opposition to Hinduism is true, why did he not convert to another religion like Ambedkar? because of not converting, he disappeared as a Hindu” has been confronted continuously without any basic grounds. 

Intellectual dishonesty is to say that Periyar died as a Hindu, who has been opposing Hinduism and everything the source of it, throughout his life - than anyone else. Periyar had not only declared through conferences countless times that "I am not a Hindu" but had lived like that. Periyar had made it clear even to Dr Ambedkar that as the leader of the atheistic movement, it is unlikely to join it because Buddhism is also practised as a religion that practices rituals like other religions. Just as the law treats rationalists who do not accept any religion as Hindu, so the law defines a Person as a Hindu, even if he abandons Hinduism and officially becomes a Buddhist. Periyar is criticised by those who are incapable of advancing the fight for justice and finding a solution by condemning the refusal of the state to recognise Buddhism, even completely rejecting Hinduism.

 Was Periyar Hindu who nearly a century ago burnt Manudharma, the law of Hinduism, and three-quarters of a century ago, gathered 15,000 people, then broke the Ganesa idol, and celebrated the birth anniversary of Buddha, and transformed it into a rebellious culture in his half-century of public life? Or else, are the people who believe themselves to be Buddhist only because they register their names in the Gazette with the ritual one-day event proposed by the monks without accepting even the 22 pledges insisted by Dr Ambedkar?

Written by Punitha Pandian

Translated by M. Kurinjithen

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